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Rosewood 33-Bead Prayer Beads


Rosewood 6/8mm beads


  • 1" Latin cross, Mineral Rock yellow to orange
  • Tan beads with medium brown grain, even color
  • Wood
  • 7 1/2" from tip of cross to top of bead circle
  • Retail price: $28.00. Online customers receive a 15% discount.

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Customer Reviews

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Ricardo Rojas

I’m a recent Anglican convert from the Roman church and i absolutely love the look and feel of the rosewood beads. They feel solid and pleasing in my hand. Highly recommend these to anyone looking for a tasteful but plain rosary to guide their prayer.

Wood beads almost feel like velvet, to me. So glad you are pleased. Cynthia

Micah Bales
Very nice, though smaller than I expected

The rosewood is lovely, and the piece looks like it should hold up well.

This being my first set of beads, I was a little surprised at how small they are. No fault of the maker, but for my hands I wish the beads were a little bit larger. I find myself struggling to keep track of the weeks beads by feel, in particular.

That said, I would recommend!

Rev. C.
A Happy Gift for Anyone

This rosewood and mineral rock cross is the one I am asked about most! These are the beads I give away on a regular basis. Pleasing to the eye and inspires deep prayer.

Wood beads are light and make a 'pliable' rosary. So glad you are pleased with the stone cross. My very first set of Anglican Prayer Beads - 16 years ago - was Hematite and Aventurine with a Jasper cross of some sort. Peace. Beadmaker

thomas w.
Beautifully Plain

I love the look&feel of this instrument of prayer&praise. Thank you for your selection and prompt delivery...

The wood bead rosaries -- Rosewood, Tiger Ebony, and Bayong -- are light weight and the beads have an almost satiny feel to them. So glad you are pleased. Cynthia Grua/Beadmaker

Ginger M Wolfe

Fantastic service and extremely kind note of sympathy for my father's passing

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