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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take domestic and international purchase to arrive?
U.S. - USPS Priority Mail takes 2 to 3 days.
CANADA - Even though our countries adjoin, it sometimes takes 10 days to two weeks to cross the border.
EVERY PLACE ELSE - International first class mail takes up to 2 weeks.  Please contact us if you have NOT received your beads within 14 days.

Also note U.S. Postal Service 1st Class International Air Mail cannot be tracked. We can only tell when it is delivered.

Are the beads real stones or plastic?
Full Circle Beads’ rosaries are made of semi-precious stone, freshwater pearls, or wood beads. Most semi-precious stones are natural in color including Aquamarines, Amethyst, Carnelian, Onyx, and the Jaspers. Some semi-precious stones are stabilized through a process that may involve dying or heating that changes the natural color. Time has proved almost all the beads we offer stay true in color.  However, there are exceptions:  the North American Turquoise's color softens over time with the oils in your fingertips, for example. 

How long are the prayer beads?
Catalog entries list the length of the cross and the length of the prayer beads from tip of cross to top of the circle of beads. Prayer beads made of 6 mm weeks and 8 mm cruciform beads are 7” to 9" in length. Prayer beads made of 8 mm stones are generally 2” to 3” longer. Designs with two seed beads between are about as long as the 8 mm designs.

What do I do if my beads break?
Full Circle Beads uses nylon-coated flexible wire to string beads. If the wire breaks, beads can be restrung. Gather up the cross, beads, and seed beads.  Put the parts in a sealed bag or container and mail back to Full Circle Beads. If the rosary was purchased within a year, and there was a defect in stringing it, we repair at no charge. You will have to pay postage to get the beads to us. If the beads break after one year OR for an obvious reason such as getting stuck in a door (this has happened), and you have most of the parts, the cost to restring is $7.00 – covers the cost of wire and seed beads, labor and postage to send your beads back.

Do you have prayers for different occasions?
We are beaders, not theologians. We have several prayers one the website, shared with permission. We can also refer you to The Anglican Rosary by Thomas Bauman. It is very exciting to be making and using Anglican Prayer Beads right now because they are so new, only being "created" by Fr. Bauman in the 1980s (compared to the centuries the Roman Catholic faith have had the Marian or five decade Rosary). There is no right or wrong way to use them.  In a sense, as a pioneer of this new rosary, you and others are creating traditions for how you use them.

What is the different between an Anglican rosary and a Roman Catholic rosary?
Two significant differences:

Construction -- The Anglican or Protestant Rosary has 33 beads: 1 invitatory, 4 cruciform (representing a cross or four directions), and 4 weeks (groups of seven), and a cross. The Roman Catholic rosary has 58 beads: 5 decades (groups of ten bead), 3 invitatory, 4 Our Father beads separating the decades, a Mary Center and a Crucifix.

Use -- The bigger differing between the two rosaries is in how you use them: Roman Catholics prayer to Mary, Queen of Heaven, for example, and other faith traditions do not prayer to Mary and do not pray non-Biblical mysteries (see Wikipedia entry on “Marian rosary” for a simple explanation of the mysteries).

We prefer to think of the commonalities: rosaries help center you -- help get you to a place where you can focus on prayer.

Does FCB have a reseller policy?
Yes. If you are a shop or a church, find out more on our reseller page or contact us for a reseller price list. We allow 60 days net on the first order -- you can return whatever does not sell – so select different designs so folks can choose.  Beads come with a velour pouch for safekeeping. We include a trifold brochure. Please contact us with comments or questions. Thanks so much for the inquiry.

NOTE: Prayer beads seem to have a season … from Thanksgiving through Easter with a surge at Sunday School and school graduation and back to school.

Does FCB accept custom orders?
In addition to the prayer beads found in this catalog, sets can be custom made. However, if our beaders are busy, custom orders may take a few weeks to fulfill. Contact us with your ideas. There is a $5 custom stringing fee; additional materials costs may apply. Custom orders are not returnable.

Can I …

… Switch crosses?
You can always request a different cross. Generally, the only difference in cost is for the cross:  if you switch a plated cross for a sterling cross, for example, the difference could be up to $15.00. The difference among plated crosses is less than $5.00 variation. Email us with the two item numbers, one for the beads, the other for the cross. We will send you a price and instructions to order the custom combination.

… Order a larger rosary?  Longer rosary?
We once made a rosary with beads the size of marbles for someone with bad arthritis.  We can make rosaries with larger beads, either all 8mm or 8mm and 10mm -- one size larger.  We stock black Onyx, Tiger Ebony, and Bayong wood 10mm beads.

We can also bead extra seed beads between each Weeks and Cruciform beads. Both size and spacing may be helpful options.

… Order necklace-length prayer beads?
We can string a rosary long enough to go over your head -- generally 21" or 22” with extra seed beads between all weeks and cruciform beads. Consider a sterling silver or cast cross as they complement a necklace.  Send us the stone and cross combination you like. We’ll send a price and instructions to order.

Do you make bracelets?
It’s hard to string a bracelet to get the exact length that will work for an individual’s. We will string bracelets but you need to be quite certain of the length. And, remember custom bracelets are not refundable.

Do you string Marian rosaries?
We have several Crucifixes and Mary Centers to string Marian Rosaries. The cost of materials and labor is higher for a five-decade rosary. Send us a wish list and we will send a picture of our crucifixes, then return a quote.

Where do you find your crosses?
Finding crosses has been a 11-year adventure. Our sources are our secret. Several sterling crosses are cast in Utah. Die cut crosses are made in Providence, Rhode Island. Most sterling and pewter crosses come from different wholesale suppliers who require us to purchase 144 crosses at a time.

Where can I find a single cross?
If you are looking for one or two crosses, we can suggest, to start, you visit:  McMinneville, OR -- wood, pewter, plated, and sterling crosses  Seattle, WA -- Swarovski crystal crosses, labyrinths   Warnminser, PA -- bronze cast Jerusalem, Canterbury crosses

These vendors sell in small quantities, have quality pieces and good prices.

Can I purchase crosses from FCB?
Occasionally we sell crosses to church groups. Email for details. Sterling crosses price between $15 and $20. Pewter crosses cost around $6 to $8. Plated die cut crosses cost between $3 and $5.