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Red Tiger Eye Matte 33- Bead Prayer Beads


Red Tiger Eye Matte 6/8mm beads


  • NEW 1 1/4" Rustic Trefoil, Pewter, with iron patina, interesting back side.  Hand-cast in Little Rock by Hannah Glover of Carson's Cove
  • Deep Red and Black striped beads, even color
  • Matte finish beads feel powdery soft to the touch.  As you use the beads, the oils from your fingers will burnish the stones to a dull shine
  • Semi-precious stone
  • 8 1/2" from tip of cross to top of  bead circle
  • Retail price: 32.00. Online customers receive a 15% discount.

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Customer Reviews

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Joseph Frank

The Red Tiger MATTE rosary is absolutely beautiful. It also has a very comforting feel to the beads. The cross is unique and matches the beads very well. Over time the beads will become redder and more brilliant. One can almost feel that the prayers said on the beads enliven them. A very nice rosary.

Joseph, that's the thing about matte beads: they do burnish up with use. We will look for more matte beads for new rosaries. Thank you. Cynthia


So far, very happy with these prayer beads. It also came with a pamphlet on how to get started (very appreciated) and a small bag to the beads in (not the best quality—won't stay closed). But very happy with the quality and feel of the stones and the cross!

Joyce Dalton

I loved these beads, but my husband loved them more, so now he has them, and I've ordered another set.
They are beautiful, and the cross was actually one of the main reasons I selected them.

Red Tiger Eye Beads

I am pleased with the Red Tiger Eye prayer beads that I ordered. The matte finish provides a raw nature to the beads. For me, the non glossy property leads to a more contemplative state. The hand cast iron patina cross has a particularly pleasant feel. Well done!

Jessica Lee
Beautiful set!

This is my third set of beads from Full Circle and I have been pleased with all of them! This set is so beautiful! The color is stunning, the cross is comfortable to hold, and I love that my hands will eventually give them a shine! They are a deep, beautiful red, and J like to imagine they are embers of a fire that is warming up! I would highly recommend this set!

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