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Malachite 33-bead Prayer Beads


Malachite 6/8mm beads


  • 1 1/2" Celtic Aura cross, silver plated/antiqued, smooth back
  • Forest green beads with lighter green stripping; even variations in color
  • Semi-precious stone
  • 9" from tip of cross to top of bead circle
  • Exceptional good quality Malachite at the moment -- highly defined stripping. May not see this quality again.
  • Retail price: $55.00. Online customers receive a 15% discount.
  • This cross is an old design die cut and plated in the U.S. The cross is worthy of Malachite.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love these!

These beads seems well made. The Malachite looks really nice. Aesthetically pleasing design and small enough to carry with you every day. Highly recommend.

Markus Kolber
The Malachite IS of exceptional quality

I love these, I bought them for my wife but she prefers the 5 decade configuration. I bought a different “rugged” set from a different source but didn’t like them as much as these; their weight is lovely and the bead configuration is well designed to keep your prayers in focus without having to ‘think’ about which bead is which. I love the Celtic cross too, other Anglicans and Episcopalians will probably appreciate the variety of non-crucifix crosses available on your designs even on the 5 decade sets.

Markus, after 15 years of string the 33-bead Anglican rosary, we are finally exploring the five-decade. I purchased three different crucifixes and three centers. This holiday season, you will see additional designs on the website. Just need to make the time to bead them. Truly hope your wife is pleased. Thank you. Cynthia Grua, Beadmaker

Bradley Morehouse
Beautiful devotion tool

I own several wood Full Circle beads and have been very happy with them, so I decided to try out a stone set. Since the malachite is currently of exceptional quality, I decided on this rosary. It is truly beautiful, and feels very comfortable in hand. A bit more expensive, but I believe it is worth it. I'm very happy.

Barbara Seiver
Worth the wait for this one's return

The malachite rosary was absolutely worth waiting for! From it's marked green stripes to its weight in my hands this rosary is outstanding. The cross has a real presence, too, and is far superior to lesser Celtic crosses which seem to be stamped out.

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