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700 years of devotion. The 5-decade rosary dates back to the 13th century. So a set of meditations around this rosary have developed over 700+ years. The Apostles Creed. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory Be. Holy mysteries around the lives of Jesus and Mary.

In the Roman Catholic Church, rosary beads are used to count prayers in a devotion. The 5-decade rosary, the most widely known rosary, has 59 beads: a loop with five sets of 10 beads (a decade) with additional beads separating decades, a rosary center, a shorter strand of five beads, and a crucifix.

Our rosaries are both beautiful and durable, carefully strung on nylon-coated microfilament wire. The beads are smooth to the touch, comfortable to hold, and easy to use. Crucifixes in different styles and rosary centers - Mary, Miraculous, Sacred Heart - ensure customer preferences.

Our 5-decade rosary collection is small but powerful. Whether this is your first rosary or you are adding to your collection, we hope at least one of these pieces speaks to you. Start your FCB collection today!