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We are interested in becoming a supplier to your church gift shop or bookstore. Our reseller policy allows you to try prayer beads for several months with no risk.

Reseller Qualifications:

1. Reseller must be a church shop or similar entity and sell directly to the public.

2. Reseller must select at least 8 prayer beads each order (higher discount is awarded for orders of 15 or more sets of beads). Each set may be different. Beads will be consigned for up to 60 days.

3. Reseller must sell Full Circle Beads items at or above the FCB direct retail price as listed on the website.

4. Reseller pays the postage for delivery of beads and for return of unsold beads. Full Circle Beads pays insurance for delivery of beads.

5. At the end of the 60 day consignment period, reseller chooses to keep or return unsold beads. Returned beads must arrive in the same condition originally shipped. Damaged pieces may not be returned.

6. Reseller pays bills in full, net 60, with cash, check, or money order. Charge cards, and associated merchant fees, are not accepted.

Complete our Reseller Application and once your account is established, we will contact you with your Full Circle Beads reseller information including price discounting to make purchases on our site.

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