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Full Circle Beads is eager to supply Anglican Prayer Beads to church gift shops and bookstores. To learn about reseller terms:

Step 1: Download and complete the online Reseller Application using Acrobat Reader, then click the submit button to attach this form to an email.

Step 2: Select your payment method:

A. Pay online at time of purchase with MC, VISA, DISC, AMEX, or PayPal. Click on the Customer Login on the homepage (Person Icon in Top Navigation). Sign up as a new customer. FCB will assign a reseller discount to the account. The discount is taken when you complete a purchase online.

B. Pay net 60 with check. FCB sends an order form which reflects the reseller discount. A completed order form is mailed or emailed to FCB. FCB includes an invoice with the order. NOTE: We reserve the right to request payment before shipment of the first order.

Reseller Must:

1. Be a church shop or similar entity and sell directly to the public.

2. Select at least 8 prayer beads each order (higher discount will be given for orders of 15 or more prayer beads). Each set may be different.

3. Sell prayer beads at or above the Full Circle Beads SRP (as listed in the current reseller price list.)

4. Pay postage for delivery, and exchange or return of beads. Full Circle Beads pays insurance for delivery of beads.

5. Exchange or return unsold beads for full refund within 60 days of purchase. Returned items must arrive in the same condition as originally shipped. Damaged pieces will not be refunded.

6. For reseller purchases not paid at time of purchase, pay invoice in full within 60 days.

Complete our Reseller Application and once your account is established, we will contact you with your Full Circle Beads reseller information including price discounting to make purchases on our site.

“PDFView and Download Reseller Application PDF Form

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