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FCB has offered 33-bead rosaries since 2005. Our prayer beads are hand strung in Utah of round semi-precious stone, pearl, or wood beads. We ship rosaries across the US and to many countries from Canada, the UK, and Denmark to Australia, South Africa, China, and Japan. Visit our catalog to find a set of beads to aid your prayer life. We offer so many different colored rosaries with different crosses or labyrinths, we're sure you'll find at least one design to your liking.

Why use prayer beads?

To achieve inner silence.
For many people, prayers are expressed in words. Eucharistic prayers. Grace at a meal. Contemplative prayer refers to praying to achieve inner silence. For many, this form of prayer is far more difficult than pondering words. Fingering prayer beads may aid in achieving this form of introspection. Learn more
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