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Hot cocoa. Twinkling lights on trees. Snow. We love the holidays. In celebration this year, we will introduce 12 new prayer bead designs – three per week – all at 2017 Holiday introductory prices through December 25. Check out the first three new stones today. Visit again next week for three more. Let Full Circle Beads make holiday shopping stress-less. Open 24-7. Never a line. And with so many designs to choose from, there’s bound to be one two three rosaries that are the perfect gift for loved ones on your list.

Why use prayer beads?

To achieve inner silence.
For many people, prayers are expressed in words. Eucharistic prayers. Grace at a meal. Contemplative prayer refers to praying to achieve inner silence. For many, this form of prayer is far more difficult than pondering words. Fingering prayer beads may aid in achieving this form of introspection. Learn more
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