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FCB has offered 33-bead rosaries since 2005. Our prayer beads are hand strung in Utah of round semi-precious stone, pearl, or wood beads. We ship beads across the US and to many countries from Canada, the UK, and Denmark to Australia, South Africa, China, and Japan. 

We strive to provide you with the highest quality products and service possible. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or if there is a policy issue that you are concerned with, please let us know.

Visit our catalog to find a set of beads to aid your prayer life. We offer so many different colored rosaries with different crosses or labyrinths, we're sure you'll find at least one design to your liking. 

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About Our Beads

Materials - Prayer beads in this catalog are made of natural materials: semi- precious stones, freshwater pearls, bone, wood. Crosses are sterling, gold- or silver-plate, pewter, or stone. Beads are either 6 mm weeks and 8 mm cruciform or all 8 mm. Full Circle Beads uses nylon-coated flexible wire to string beads. If the wire breaks, don't worry: beads can be restrung.

Size - Catalog entries list the length of the cross. As a general rule, prayer beads made of 6 mm weeks and 8 mm cruciform beads are 7" to 9" in length from the tip of the cross to the top of the circle of beads. Prayer beads made of 8 mm stones are generally 2" to 3" longer. You can ask that additional seed beads be used to make your prayer beads longer.

Touch - Think about your favorite necklace or set of beads when selecting prayer beads. Beads have different feel (smooth like glass, soft like a pearl, and textured like wood -- most semiprecious stones are smooth) and weight (hematite is heavy like a magnet; bone and wood are light; most semiprecious stones fall between these two weights).

Custom Orders - In addition to the prayer beads found in this catalog, sets can be custom made. However, if our beaders are busy, custom orders may take a few weeks to fulfill. Contact us with your ideas.