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What’s a chaplet, you ask? A chaplet is a single-week rosary: a cross, an invitatory bead, one cruciform, and one group of seven “week” beads. Praying around the circle four times to replicate a 33-bead rosary. Small enough to be a key ring or kept in a purse or a pocket. We got this idea from a friend who has a Roman Catholic chaplet – one decade instead of five.

FCB chaplets are strung with larger 10mm beads. Extra seed beads give the thumb and forefinger space to pause between each bead. The labyrinth is just the right size to compliment 10mm beads AND double sided and feels good to the touch. Our chaplets are strung on nylon-coated microfilament wire, ensuring maximum durability, longevity, and flexibility. The beads are smooth, making them comfortable and easy to hold.

Whether you're looking for a personal devotional item or a gift for a loved one, our chaplets are the perfect choice!