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Turritella Fossil Agate 33-Bead Prayer Beads


Turritella Fossil Agate 6/8mm beads


  • 1" Latin cross, Sterling, double sided
  • Dark brown, gray, and cream beads; slight variations in color.
  • Semi-precious stone
  • 8" from tip of cross to top of bead circle
  • Turritella Agate is a fossiliferous agate found in the Green River Formation of Wyoming that shows numerous spiral-shaped snail shells. Even in a small stone, the detail creates interest.
  • Retail price: $58.00. Online customers receive a 15% discount.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kelley C.

Truly unique! I am a repeat customer for good reasons. Highly recommend.

Dianne Patterson

I have several sets of beads. It’s hard to decide which set is my favorite, but these are the ones that bring me the most comfort. The beads are beautiful and feel so perfect in my hands. If I could only have one set it would be these.

Nicolas Chaij
Exquisite Work

These beads are beautiful. The artistry combined with the natural beauty of the fossils makes this set of beads the perfect focus for bringing me into a spirit of prayer.

Tom Lucas
Very nice

The beads are exactly what I was looking for. They are beautiful and just the right size for my pocket.

Christina Harrell
Beauty and inspiration!

As usual, the prayer beads I ordered this time we're just as exquisite and unique as they can be. The fossil agate is especially so! You can tell that much talent, patience, and heart go into the creation of each rosary. Thank you!

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