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Campito Turquoise & Red Jasper 33-Bead Prayer Beads


Campitos Turquoise and Red Jasper 6/8mm beads


  • 1 1/4" Latin cross, Sterling, double sided, hand cast in Utah
  • Turquoise and rust red with silver spacer beads
  • Semi-precious stone
  • 8 3/4" from tip of cross to top of bead circle
  • Sonora, Mexico turquoise - guaranteed no color added.  The Campitos mine has been in production since the 1980s. When we finally ran out of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, FCB purchased Campitos because it is close in color to the deep blues of Sleeping Beauty. SBT, if we can find it, is just too expensive for prayer beads. We hope we have enough Campitos to last a few years...
  • Retail price: $75.00. Online customers receive a 15% discount.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shannon Renee

I'm new to prayer beads so this is one of my first - most definitely not last. It is smaller than I anticipated and the size makes it almost more endearing. I feel a reverence when I hold onto it and look forward to many years of focused (finally) prayer and contemplation.

Dianne Patterson

I wasn’t sure if I’d like these beads because of the contrast of colors, but they are absolutely gorgeous in person. It’s actually the contrast that makes them so pretty. I love the cross used for these beads. It’s very smooth to hold on to.

John Scanlon
Heirloom Quality

This is a beautifully made, heirloom quality Anglican Rosary, the quality of the materials and the crafting are very well done.

Mona West
Not quite what I expected

I expected the stones to be a little heavier. The cross was also smaller and lighter than expected. I bought a jasper rosary with the same cross 10 years ago and the cross is much more substantial. All that said it is still a beautiful design.

We have beaded prayer beads in the past that use only 8mm beads - versus the 6mm/8mm designs on the website - with a larger cross for balance. But the smaller designs have been far more popular. Mona, you have given motivation to add a larger rosary or two to the website! I truly hope the design of the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise compensates a bit for the heft of your rosary. Peace. Cynthia/Beadmaker

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