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Silver Leaf Jasper & Onyx Chaplet


Silver Leaf Jasper and Onyx 10mm beads


  • .875" Labyrinth, silver ox finish, double sided
  • Black, grey, ivory, and tan beads with occasional red glints; large beads are black; great variation in color
  • Semi-precious stone
  • 5 1/4" from tip of labyrinth to top of bead circle
  • Labyrinths, found in many Cathedral churches, are a universal symbol of spirituality.

What’s a chaplet, you ask?

A chaplet is a single week rosary: a cross, invitatory bead, one cruciform, and one group of seven weeks beads. Pray around the circle four times, it might be as if you had a 33-bead rosary. Small enough to be a key ring or kept in a purse or the pocket of a briefcase. We got this idea from a friend who has a Roman Catholic chaplet – one decade instead of five.

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