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Dumortierite & Onyx 33-Bead Prayer Beads


Dumortierite and Frosted Onyx 6/8mm beads


  • 1 1/4" Celtic Aura cross, silver ox finish, flat back
  • Deep blue and black swirls; matte black cruciform beads NOTE: The current blue beads are deeeeeep blue.  Will take a new photo this weekend.  Beadmaker 3/12/24
  • Matte finish beads feel powdery soft to the touch.  As you use the beads, the oils from your fingers will burnish the stones to a dull shin
  • Semi-precious stone
  • 81/4" from tip off cross to top bead circle
  • Retail price: $31.00. Online customers receive a 15% discount.

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Customer Reviews

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Gustavo R

This is an incredibly beautiful set of prayer beads, I highly recommend it. The booklet is a wonderful complement. I'm happy with my purchase.

My first prayer beads.

They got here very quick and easily. They are very good quality and beautiful. The booklet that comes with it is also nice. Would recommend to anyone who want prayer beads.

Karen Wells
No rating yet....

Still awaiting delivery. They have a long way to travel.....
Really looking forward to seeing them and using them.

Nancy Ferris
Matte stones

This one is so great in my hands. The weight and the colors are perfect.

Nancy, I like you the matte stones 'burnish' as you use the rosary. So glad you are pleased. Cynthia/FCB

Benjamin Beck
Better quality than I thought

I didn't realize when I ordered them that these beads were held together with a metal wire. I figured it would be some sort of string and after a while of use, it would wear out. Oh no, these beads are amazing in quality and the fact that they are offered to help enrich our prayer lives is amazing. As a pastor, when I have anyone ask me in ways to go deeper, I will be pointing them to prayer beads and this site to purchase them.

Thank you so much for your comments. We started stringing beads on silk thread -- 16 years ago -- but learned that silk stretches and gets dirty. The micro-filament steel wire we use today is the most supple metal wire we have found. If you become a power user and you wear the wire out, or your beads get caught in a car door (this has happened), and the wire breaks, gather the beads and pieces, mail them back and we will restring, just ask you to cover postage and materials. Cynthia Grua/Beadmaker

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